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Alfa Romeo 4C

Worldwide digital launch website

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Elemental equilibrium

The 4C represents the supreme balance between power and lightness.
Our inspiration came from the natural elements and the way they are perfectly balanced.
From this came the concept for the 4C’s worldwide launch portal, which went live at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Website platform

The 4C is a high-tech natural evolution. To put across the idea, we used visuals which capture its dual personality: light, tempestuous, solid, mistress of the earth and air. We created a technological aesthetic using photos, videos, animation and CGI, all of which were produced in-house.
The platform offers an interactive journey around the brand’s values, style, efficiency, technology and dynamism, in true Alfa Romeo spirit.

4C Videoconfigurator

As well as the interactive platform, we also designed the first automotive videoconfigurator for the 4C.
The video features a fast-moving 4C in a movie-like sequence, with a tool enabling users to change the car’s colours, wheel rims and parts. As they configure their car, users can select and add info clips then download and share their personal edit on social media.
A production room where you can design your own 4C fascination film.

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