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Relaunching the brand

Alfa Romeo is back in the US, with a big brand relaunch across the Atlantic.
Our aim was to reintroduce people to the brand, its cars, technology and history.
We told the story through the new Alfa Romeo USA portal.

Telling the Alfa Romeo story

The user experience conveys the world of Alfa Romeo and its DNA, from its historic cars and racing heritage to modern-day production: the brand’s style, design, evolution, technology and innovation.
Images are the stars of the portal, creating an engaging visual storytelling process with an evocative aesthetic storybook. While it’s packed with information, the portal is still functional and easy to browse, like a magazine.
Design is clean, minimal and 100% responsive, extending the experience to smartphones and tablets.

Focus on the car

Alfa Romeo’s new models are presented using a direct, commercial approach. There are more user tools, more interactive features and practical info to help users configure their car, find a dealer and request a quote.
We also created the configurators for the 4C, 4C spider and Giulia, bringing together research, CGI, design and development.

Social hub

The social hub is the place-to-be for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, with full live content from the official Alfa Romeo channels.

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