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Alfa Romeo Stelvio

World launch

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The whole world is watching

In November 2016, Alfa Romeo launched Stelvio, its first SUV.
A car the world had waited for, an event on a global scale.

For the official presentation at the Los Angeles Auto Show, we were asked to manage he worldwide launch of the car, setting a 360° communication strategy, from the design of the “coming soon” teaser to the production of the official images and the realization of the product page for the American Alfa Romeo portal.

Create anticipation

Stelvio had to make the world wait, just like a real celebrity. Therefore, to manage the teaser countdown phase we made an animated cinemagraph that went live on the home page of the portal one week before the world premiere at the LAAS.

Shaping an identity

When we were asked to produce the official images for the global launch, we developed the art direction and created the CGI that would unveil, for the first time, the true identity of the car. Everything became like a perfect photo shoot. Stelvio, which takes its name from the famous passage of the Alps, also possesses elegance, grace and the Alfa Romeo class. This is why we set the car in an environment that evokes at the same time a powerful and non-conformist spirit, with a more refined mood emphasizing the art of living.

Tell a story

In addition to the visual production, we also dealt with the product page, designing a graphic user interface consistent with the image of, optimizing the User Experience and creating exclusive content.
We started from a particularly structured storytelling approach. Using a diverse selection of content, we created a path leading from the general to the particular: the name of the vehicle and its origins up to the more technical features, emphasized by its relationship with the driver. Even the tone of voice is less institutional and more engaging, in order to create space for an emotional experience that resembles Alfa Romeo communications, together with a copywriting style that balances passion and technology.

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