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Alfa Romeo Touch

Branding interactive project

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The Alfa Romeo Touch: a culture – driven brand

Alfa Romeo reflects the ultimate expression of Italian culture: the sense of beauty, the poetry of the landscapes, the artistic heritage, the traditional rituals, the attitude and savoir faire of the Italian people. This is why we designed an experience that unveils Alfa Romeo’s Italian essence through a sequence of 25 visuals to transmit the true Alfa Romeo personality, as defined by the Italian way of life. A unique way to make things combined with the pure emotion of Alfa Romeo. This is the Alfa Romeo Touch.

A touch of

Imagine a journey entirely dedicated to the Alfa Romeo world and its land of origin: Italy.
25 different subjects, each of which marked by a central message that leads the way and interacts with the picture, creating an ironic, emotional, compelling and lateral effect.

Two interactive modes, 25 ways of living

Put your headphones on and you’ll be surrounded by a classical atmosphere that evokes the Alfa Romeo legend.
Enjoy 25 “ways of living” both in scroll mode – which is more traditional - or shuffle mode for those who can’t wait to see the next concept.

These two different interactions make the experience simple, intuitive, engaging and unique at the same time. For every visual there are call to action options to further enhance the brand history and vehicle features content.


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