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We're a little bit crazy about cars

It happens. Some people can’t wait to just buy a car and others can’t wait to make it perfect, ultra-glossy and absolutely gorgeous. We’re talking about design here, bringing shape, light and colour to the surfaces. We’ve always seen ourselves as digital makers with an aesthetic vocation. And in 1999 we realised that our passion should become our profession. At the time we were still called Tracce Design, then we became Wedoo; automotive CGI is still the field which inspires us to evolve and improve today.

Aesthetics <3 technology

Aesthetics are everything. We understand that a car’s personality and visual image is captured in a shot of light, an angle or a certain position. So we always start out with the angle search which gives the vehicle most value. It’s about striving for beauty, placing technology at the service of aesthetics.
More than just reproducing an image, it’s like a real photo shoot: first we imagine the scene, then we design it and put together each part just like on a set.
CGI photography is all about precision and a real love of detail, structure, the style and purity of each element: the aim is always a perfect visual output.

It all starts with the abstract

Everything begins with numbers: abstract formulas are the basis for building the final visual image. The design centres do the production maths for us; we proceed with optimisation and sometimes model parts from scratch. We use texturing, shading and UV maps to reproduce materials with realistic effects.

Next come the interiors

While exteriors are all about framing and creating a world around the car, with interiors it’s more like ultra-high-definition photography. Lights, textures, experimentation with materials: the end result we’re looking for must be indistinguishable from a studio shot.
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Original Image
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