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Disaronno The Mixing Star

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The mixing star

The Disaronno The Mixing Star is an international search for the best mixologist and the perfect Disaronno-based cocktail. We worked with Adverteam to create the digital communication for all the events up to 2015, from the launch video to the website.

A global bartender competition

A different format was chosen for each year’s competition: from a Hollywood-style backstage tour to the red carpet and even a spy story. We handled the live casting videos as if they were real stories, one for each stage of the tour.
For 5 consecutive years we also designed the web platform for the event, where bartenders could register their cocktail recipes and take part in the casting sessions. The top mixologists went through to the final, where the Mixing Star was chosen every year from 14 participating countries.
We also took care of community management and the DEM and banner campaigns for all events.

The mixing star lab

2014 saw a special masterclass: 2 days of alchemy, new ingredients and sensory experimentation.
Mixing a cocktail means finding the right balance between the senses: a single drop of one ingredient changes the end result.
For the bootcamp promo video we showcased the creation of a Disaronno Sour: every utensil, ingredient and step was shot in slow motion.
Motion graphic inserts were used for each stage in the recipe, highlighting the techniques and chemical composition of the ingredients.
We also handled all digital communication for the Lab, from the web platform and the DEM and banner campaign to the video report on the event.

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