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A global investment company

Exor is the finance company controlled by the Agnelli family, and one of the leading investment firms in Europe. We launched Exor’s first website in 2008; in 2013 we were commissioned to restyle and overhaul the content prior to the platform’s relaunch.

An infinite database

This corporate portal is also an interactive catalogue and an enormous source of documentation.
We engineered Exor’s entire archive of financial statements, press releases and financial notices using Magnolia, a document management CMS.
We developed a dedicated search engine for the website, a useful means of cataloguing the huge database of files available to the public. We also oversee the entire AMS phase involving key acquisitions/sales as well as publishing documents.

100% corporate

In redesigning and reorganising the content, we opted for clean, sombre design to emphasise Exor’s corporate personality. We used modules and widgets to highlight the content and simplify understanding, making the user interface straightforward, immediate and practical.


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