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Daddy's big toy

Big, orange, ultra-comfortable, a fun, high-tech giant: practically a giant toy you can drive yourself.
In 2012 the Iveco Stralis Hi-Way was voted Truck Of the Year. Looking closer at the initials, we realised that we’d been on track all along. For the viral launch video, the Stralis Hi-Way became The Big Orange T.O.Y.

Adults vs kids

The bigger the vehicle the more fun it is to play with. Huge buttons, a super-sized steering wheel, a record-breaking horn and a mega cab so you can look down on the world from up high, safe and sound. The Iveco Stralis is a great big toy for adults to play with.
Adults and kids are on a level playing field; they take each other on as if they were competing, but nothing is too serious. It’s all ironic, fresh and light-hearted. And we were the first to join in the fun.

Playtime for us too

The campaign started out with 3 different themes. We developed the concept and worked with film producers Starlight on the direction, editing, colour correction and compositing. We used go pros and camera cars for most of the shots.
In truth it was all an excuse to play with some remote-control trucks. We’ll let you imagine the number of fake takes for yourselves!


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