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Instant messaging

To choose the right car, you need a personal assistant that can tell you about the models in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, and provide alternatives that meet your requirements. Maybe while chatting online.

With this in mind, we developed Europe’s first “virtual sales assistant” in the Automotive sector. Using Bot technology, our system allows the user to interact via Facebook Messenger with Mirafiori Outlet – the virtual FCA storefront for used cars – through an easy and direct dialogue.

Virtual dealer

The way it works is very simple. Just go to the Mirafiori Outlet BOT Facebook page and use Messenger to answer the virtual assistant’s questions.
The bot is able to propose offers consistent with your answers, as well as send you updates regarding news and products that match your profile. Each proposal is complete, with an image gallery, a data sheet for the car, the price of the car and the location of the nearest dealer.

Natural language

Today, the “human to human” approach that the system is based upon functions with simple keywords but with the evolution of the Facebook platform, our goal is to make the user-bot dialogue even more natural, complete and “intelligent”.

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