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Mondotrack ws

Mondotrack WS is one of the most highly evolved track surfaces in the world. Used in the stadium where Usain Bolt won 3 gold medals, it will be the official track for the Rio Olympics 2016.
We designed Mondotrack’s launch website in July 2015.

Minimal and focused

We concentrated on product technology to illustrate the evolution of Mondotrack WS.
The site is laid out vertically, with a parallax effect. Design is minimal and streamlined, with bold colours and sharp contrasts: everything is designed to place the product firmly in the spotlight.
Storytelling is hi-tech throughout the site, a combination of CGI sections on the technical features and details of the product application with videos and animation.

Videos & CGI

The videos show the interaction between the track and the athlete: we used motion tracking to explain the individual movements of the foot, the kinetic energy exchange and postural balance. CGI was chosen to give detailed, dynamic views of the track’s internal structure and its modular composition.

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