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Self Italia

E-commerce website

GUI | UX | Development | Maintenance

Shopping goes DIY

Online shopping should be a simple, practical, straightforward user experience.
The e-commerce website we created for DIY suppliers Self Italia makes shopping immediate and provides quick, direct access to the entire product catalogue.

Beyond e-commerce

We designed a digital space which encapsulates Self Italia’s various identities: Corporate, Shop, Knowledge.
Everything “outside” of e-commerce is a DIY experience: promotions, tutorials, info on new gardening, decorating and DIY products.

Simple by design

The User Interface is clear and logical: flat design, ad hoc icon packs and personalised illustrations.
The same care has gone into designing the User Experience: it’s intuitive and 100% responsive, making it possible to shop from all devices (computers, smartphones and tablets).
We developed the e-commerce area based on a flexible, customisable, safe, SEO-friendly CMS. It supports payment systems with encrypted, guaranteed protocols.

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