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Forever sports

Sisport, the historical association of the FCA group that has accompanied the path of grand champions like Pietro Mennea, manages 200,000 square meters of facilities dedicated to sport between its two Turin-based locations. In June 2016, we launched its new web portal.

Rational, yet stylish

Individual training, courses, private lessons, competitive sports, competitions and tournaments. With so many different activities, we have organized the new site in a structured and efficient way. Everything revolves around an agile and functional UX, which makes the portal immediately intuitive for the user.

To describe the programmed activities we used simple and direct language, with a specific focus on the training and its targets. Finally, the spirit of each sport is told through great evocative images.

Easy planning

To help users quickly schedule their workout, we designed a dynamic calendar based on a series of filters. Selecting the activities of interest, the user can view the locations and weekly course schedules with a dedicated timeline.

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