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A digital work of art

To mark its 50th anniversary, Studio65 organised a special exhibition at Turin’s Galleria d’Arte Moderna. The design firm also wanted to overhaul its approach to communication, and therefore asked us to create its new website.
Our aim was to set up a dialogue between the two projects, a synergy between two levels of communication in a hypothetical two-fold exhibition – both analogue and digital.

The new website

Studio65 is the leading exponent in Italian radical design, the movement which has stayed true to its manifesto – “CONTRO” (“CONTRADICTION”) – since back in the ’60s. We oversaw the user experience and art direction, choosing a style which reflected the group’s interior design creations. The visual language is all about breaking with convention, but the layout is simple and logical and the website is designed as an interactive catalogue. Objects are set out in grids, with white backgrounds and the focus on the projects.
It is 100% responsive.

Off the scale

Bold text and deliberately oversized objects “break out” from their boundaries. Colour guides the experience and marks out each category: eccentric, pop, unique just like the Studio’s creations.


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