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The Sky Experience

Interactive platform

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Eyes wide open

You don’t need to close your eyes to dream. Just look up and enjoy the best part of the journey.
This is the idea behind Sky Experience, the interactive platform for the Alfa Romeo 4C spider.

Add the sky to your driving

The sky is the accessory which makes the 4C spider unique, and here it becomes an experience, a route, a journey. When the sky changes, so does the way we experience the car. A control knob is used to represent the time: by moving it users can select 4 different times of day.
The 4C Spider can be personalised and its interior and exterior viewed through 360°; users can also enjoy listening to the sound of the engine. All the content is customisable and can be shared on social media. Users can export their configuration, photograph the car from every possible angle and download the sound of the 4C at full throttle in mp3 format.

An immersive experience

The entire project was produced in CGI format by our in-house team.
We set out to make everything as interactive and immersive as possible, an experience which users could enjoy through their earphones.
We extended the sensory aspect of the interaction: photorealistic environments with endless horizons to reflect the Spider’s sense of freedom, sound design which changes in sequence with the time, 360° settings. This makes everything much more intense and exciting, creating a truly personal experience.


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