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Planning your trip

Zoom is Italy’s first immersive biopark.
Organising a visit is like setting off on an adventure, and choosing what to see requires very specific information upfront. This was our guideline as we embarked on designing a new calendar and new home page for Zoom.

An online itinerary

We took an intuitive approach to the language and layout of Zoom’s e-commerce area.
The information is now more complete: we added a full description of the basic tickets, widgets for additional services, opening times with updated ticket prices based on the calendar and experiences available.
We increased the focus on “special” events running during the year, and enabled users to purchase additional activities and complementary services along with their tickets.

A new home page

Zoom’s home page also needed restyling. We changed the layout completely, highlighting news, promotions and seasonal events at the park. Key content is now located in the central canvas, making it instantly visible and updatable dynamically. The home page now provides a full overview of Zoom with the right amount of emphasis on ordinary activities: info on habitats, talks by zoologists and extra experiences.

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