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We are WEDOO

Our curiosity guides us, we study, analyze, and experiment through technology to create experiences that can excite people and help them live their digital lives in an increasingly natural, useful, and engaging way.




Pushing further and further for the pure passion of seeing how far we can go, thinking of unconventional solutions to ordinary problems, improving what we do best to do it even better in the future.


We aim for perfect balance in the elements we put into each project, and by focusing on the smallest detail, we are able to produce the best results.


We are 60 people with different backgrounds—creative directors, designers, strategists, developers, analysts, project managers… and we are convinced that in our work, uniting our individual passions toward a common goal—is the only way to create something new.



Antonio Amati


Alberto Clara

CEO - Owner

Michele Marchitto

COO - Owner

Fabio Clara

CAO - Owner

Stefano Bozzetta

CCO - Executive creative

Mario Ruggiero

Chief innovation

Manuela Pedrotto


Franco Bevione

CEO - Wedoo US

Gianluca Mori

CTO digital

Marco Bertagna


Gianluca Gennaro

Account director

Antonio | President
Francesca | Administration
Raisa | Cleaning Manager
Tamara | Senior Account Supervisor – Strategic – PR
Gerardo | Developer – Data Scientist
Marco | Developer | 4beards Business Unit
Alessandro | Unreal Developer
Franco | US CEO
Simona | Work Consultant
Fabio | Product Manager
Stefano | CCO – Executive Creative Director
Lara | Project Manager
Oscar | Front-end Developer
Brittany | CGI Artist
Joe | Computer Graphic Analyst
Antonino | CG Generalist
Cristian | IT Technical Director
Alberto | CEO – Owner
Fabio | CAO – Owner
Marco | Web Designer
Giuseppe | CG Lighter & Compositor
Brett | Project Manager
Robert | CGI Analyst
Luca | Analist
Fabrizio | Analist – Strategist
Elisa | Administration
Barbara | Account Supervisor
Gianluca | Account Manager
Matteo | CG Head of Content
Brian | Computer Graphic Product Analyst
Daniel | CGI Analist / Specialist
Alexandre | CG Lead
Jasmine | 3D CGI Artist
Patrick | Technical Lead and Developer
Michelle | CGI Analyst
Fabrizio | Digital Projects and  Transformation Leader
Brandon | Technical Developer
Francesco | Account Manager
Giordano | UI Designer
Federica | Digital Strategist
Michele | COO – Owner
Luana | Account Manager | 4beards Business Unit
Massimo | Senior Front-end Developer
Giorgia | Account Manager
Marcello | CG Head of Technology
Nick | Developer
Livio | Head of Strategy
Giorgio | Facility Manager
Chiara | UX Designer
Gianluca | Digital Senior Techncal Director
Dino | AMS Technical Director
Alessandro | AMS Team Leader
Manuela | Deputy COO
Gabriele | Creative Team Leader
Alessandro | Real Time Technical Artist
Jason | CGI Analyst
Chiara | Junior Digital Designer
Nick | 3D CGI Artist
Jessee | Software Developer
Sara | Content Strategist
Francesca | Head of Legal
Eros | Facility Manager
Luca | IT Team Leader
Marco | Technical Director | 4beards Business Unit
Mario | CTO
Peppo | CG Production Supervisor
Jeremy | BDSD
Angela | Project Manager
Darryl | CGI Artist
Francesca | Junior Digital Designer
Chiara | CFO
Emmanuele | Deputy Creative Director
Maurizio | CG Head of Development
Lucrezia | Cleaning Manager


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