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Product Configurator
& Customization


We study user behaviors and application markets, create customization solutions that integrate with sales systems, and accompany users in a fluid and intuitive way from the first interaction to the moment of purchase.


Uniqueness is the true value of the product

In a world where the products and services offered are all alike, competitive advantage comes from being able to offer a unique and original product that satisfies users' tastes as much as possible.

Unlimited choice

Depending on the product or service, with our system you can configure all aspects, shapes, colors, and details, as well as build the trip of your dreams or the service that best suits your needs.


Analyze the product and study the configuration process

Identify complexities, constraints, variants, brand policies, conflicts: what can be combined and how, purchasing tools, related services, and integration with legacy company systems (DB, back-end, CRM).


Know and analyze the Customer Journey

We build the personas, the archetypes of users that best represent the different types of consumers. We imagine the path, from their first contact with the product to the purchase decision.
The 3 main factors:

Channels: how does the user get informed? (web, mobile, device, other media, shops, advertising)

Time: when does the user look for information and how long does it take them to decide to purchase?

Evaluation method: factors that influence user choice (community, price, aggregators).


Tone of voice and brand language

We evaluate the existing communication methods and, in cooperation with the brand, we define the new ones to create, as well as how they integrate with the language and channels already in use.



We create a high-level, navigable prototype that simulates the final configuration process. Our main goal is to make it usable and intuitive. Functional navigation should not need to be explained.


UI, Interaction design, CGI assets

We design the user interface, thinking of it as a useful outfit to enhance the products, and ensuring it is always balanced and never invasive. We meticulously handle all aspects, from the definition of the style and the animations to the best way to interact with the elements.

We use CGI to depict the product variants, always putting them at the center of the experience.


Development and integration

Our "pluggable" system unties the technology from its interface. We integrate the configuration core with corporate legacy systems and define all subsequent applications.


Evaluation, measurement, tracking

By monitoring user behavior (analytics), we measure results and optimize the knowledge of the company's end users.


CGI & Mixed reality - AR / VR


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